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FDrive offers unmatched flexibility: Whether you're working from your office, from home, or on the go, your project data is always accessible.

This flexibility allows you to be responsive to your clients' changing needs and to quickly adapt to new opportunities.

Select the All-Inclusive offer that fits you

Our offers adapt at any time to your needs. Need more space?

You can easily change offers from your subscription area in a few minutes and continue to use your enhanced Fenritec services.

All our offers include 1 month of rolling backup, on-demand data restoration and 2 site data replication.
G. Boole
15 GB
Without commitment
C. Shannon
150 GB
2,99€ / month
Without commitment
G. Hopper
1000 GB
9,99€ / month
Without commitment
A. Turing
3000 GB
29,99€ / month
Without commitment

Access your data from any device

Our applications adapts to you and not the other way.

The Fenritec app allows you to access your files from the Widows Explorer and to sync your documents in real time to our servers.

In case of computer failure, theft or loss, you just need to reinstall the app on your new computer and your data are back in an instant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I register, how long do I need to wait to use the service?

The service is activated automatically in less than 5 minutes. You have time for a coffee.
Do I have to pay a package after a month if I register for free?

Free registration gives access to all Fenritec services with 15 GB of storage for an unlimited time.

If your storage needs an increase or if you want to support us, you can change your offer in your customer subscription space to a premium one.
Is there a minimum commitment period?

All Fenritec services are without commitment period unless otherwise stated.

If you have paid for 1 month and you no longer wish to continue your subscription, all you have to do is go to your subscription area and ask to stop direct debits or switch to a free plan.
Where are my data stored?

We use data centers owned by French companies and located in France and Germany (Scaleway, Ikoula and OVH).

Fenritec gives you the assurance that your data is well protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is not extradited to third countries.

Files deposited on our platforms are not analyzed by robots or sold. They remain your property.

You can check the map below to get more information.
Datacenter map
Are my data protected in case of fire?

Fenritec hosts and replicates your data on at least two data centers from two different providers to protect you from any loss. If a data center is unavailable, your data is not lost.

However, it is necessary to foresee a service interruption of approximately 10 min if your computer was connected to the data center which has become inaccessible.
What is Fenritec Zero Trust storage?

In the case of Fenritec services, this means that we do not trust the hosts that we use who could access your data or lose it in the event of an incident.

Fenritec therefore encrypts all your data so that no supplier outside of Fenritec can see it. and we use different providers so that incidents from one do not impact the others.
I deleted a file by mistake, can I recover it?

When you delete a file, it is automatically transferred to the user's trash and you can restore it yourself.

If you have deleted your files from your recycle bin, you can request their restoration up to 30 days later on request from Fenritec services.

Files in your recycle bin are retained for 30 days. With normal use case, you therefore have 60 days to realize the situation and recover your deleted files.
What maximum file size is allowed?

We currently support files up to 5GB. Support for unlimited file sizes is coming soon.
Can I use this service to share files that are too big for email?

Fenritec Drive offers file sharing functionality with directly registered users or with non-registered users.

You can therefore easily generate a link that you can send by email.

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