FDrive, the online storage with a F Forged for the Europeans, Fast and Easy to use, and Factually Secured

Reclaim the control of your data in a few clics without compromising on the Security and the Ease of use.

FDrive does not track you neither does use the data of your file for commercial purpose.

The Platform tailored to your needs

FDrive is the turnkey Platform that adapts to the real needs of your activities.

100% of your data are replicated and backup across two datacenters from two european companies.

Import and share easily your documents while giving trust to your collaborators, clients and family in sovereign data management.

Access your data from any device

Our applications adapts to you and not the other way.

The Fenritec app allows you to access your files from the Widows Explorer and to sync your documents in real time to our servers.

In case of computer failure, theft or loss, you just need to reinstall the app on your new computer and your data are back in an instant.

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Ease your digital transformation

Stay up to date with the latest data and cybersecurity trends.

The Fenritec Blog allows you to help you protect your data as well as possible and to make those around you aware of information security practices.