Backup Wordpress with Fenritec Drive in WebDAV

Backing up your Wordpress / WooCommerce data on Fenritec Drive is a simple and effective way to ensure that your data and that of your customers remain in the European Union protected by the R.G.P.D.

This also ensures that you are able to restore your site in the event of a hack or loss of data.


  • A Fenritec Drive account
  • A Wordpress / WooCommerce website
  • The plugin Updraft Webdav 11.50 €


For daily backup and storage for several months, it is recommended to use a Fenritec Drive 150 GB subscription.


Step 1: Download UpDraft Plus from official website

Download the Wordpress Updraft plugin and save it on your computer: https://updraftplus.com/wp-content/uploads/updraftplus.zip

Step 2: Install the plugin on your Wordpress

Log in to your Wordpress administration panel and click in the side menu on “Extensions” -> “Add”.

Menu add Wordpress extension

Click on “Upload” an extension then “Browse” and select the previously downloaded plugin in the file explorer.

Upload extension Install extension

Click “Install Now”.

Finally activate the plugin by going in the side menu to “Extensions” -> “Installed Extensions”. Then clicking on activate below “UpdraftPlus - Backup / Restore”

Activate Updraft Plus

Step 3: Activate WebDAV Subscription for Updraft Plus

Go in the side menu to “Settings” -> “UpdraftPlus Backups”.

Menu Updraft

Then click on the “Premium / Extensions” tab and authenticate.

Updraft connection

Finally activate WebDAV support by clicking on “activate it on this site”.

Activate WebDAV Updraft

Step 4: Set up Fenritec Drive

Connect to your Drive and create your backup folder. Here we called it “BackupWP”.

Create Menu Folder Create folder

Then click “Setting” to configure WebDAV.

Drive Settings

Enter the indicative name for the new access key and click on the side arrow. Here we have chosen Wordpress.

Create WebDAV identifier

Write down your API key, it is your WebDAV password.

Step 5: Configure Updraft Plus

Go in the side menu to “Settings” -> “UpdraftPlus Backups”.

Menu Updraft

Then click on the “Settings” tab and click on WebDAV.

Configure WebDAV

Choose the following options:

  • Protocol: webdavs
  • Username: webdav
  • Password: Your API key in step 4
  • Host: api.fenritec.eu
  • Port: 443
  • Path: /fdrive/webdav/home/{ path of your folder } (here /fdrive/webdav/home/SauvegardeWP)

Click on Test WebDAV Settings you should have a “Success”. Finally click on “Save Changes” at the bottom.

Step 6: Create a backup to test

Select the “Backup / Restore” tab.

Updraft configuration tabs

Click “Backup Now”.

Start Backup

Click “Backup Now”.

Start Backup

A progress bar should appear.

Progress Backup

At the end of the progress, your backup appears in the “Existing backups” list.

Backup list

Step 7: Verify Backup Accuracy

This step is essential to ensure that you can restore your site in the event of a force majeure event. Updraft Plus will attempt to download your backup and verify the signature on it.

In the “Existing backups” list, click on “Restore”.

Restore backup

Select all the options then click “Next”.

Restore backup

You should get the message “The backup archive files have been successfully processed.” if all is good.

Possibility of restoration ok


Your Wordpress / WooCommerce site is now well backed up. You can also set up an automatic backup if needed.

For any additional questions, you can contact Fenritec support.